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A while ago, I joined the School of Phenomenal Memory, “pmemory” to do their memory techniques course, and the founder (known as Ruslan or Ines) started promoting something called “Magic Pill Now”.

It has been incredibly hard to get hold of any information as to how this Magic Pill is supposed to work.


Note how the video testimonials all give “before and after” commentary, but the actual process or procedure that occurs in between has in every case been edited out. On that basis, it is impossible for a third party to observe what exactly is being done and make an educated judgement as to what is occurring.

My Google search revealed the following:


In this forum thread, other members of the public have stated that they cannot find the sort of objective data as to what the Magic Pill procedure is. The guru gives a brush-off response. Then further down, members comment that people who have actually done Magic Pill do not stick around to talk about or promote it.

I recall from the pmemory forum members being told that if they signed up for Magic Pill, they were not to spill the beans online as to what it was all about.


As you can see, I took up this point and queried it.

One person who had done Magic Pill wrote this blog entry:


As you can see, again, a vague testimony and no detail. “MagicPill is just what it is and you wont understand unless you do it. Its not about me its about you, everyone will experience it differently.” I guess you could say that about anything from meditation to psychotherapy, but at least with the latter, you can find abundant information from the various schools of thought explaining what they do and how.

The link that one of his commenters has posted is the closest I have found so far online to someone ready to spill the beans about what Magic Pill really is and does. They have even posted a link to a free online copy of the book the technique is ostensibly based on: http://guessasaek.blogspot.com/2010/10/magicpillnow-revealed.html

It is suspicious how Ines blocked him from the forum for attempting to post information about where the technique came from, and how Ines requires payment upfront before he will reveal anything about Magic Pill.

Even some of the least high-profile organizations whose techniques I have investigated into publish plenty of free content online explaining what it is that they do. Even many organizations that have acquired a reputation for being a “cult” publish books explaining what they do.

More later.

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