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Posted by Ruslan (typos and poor grammar included):

thank you all for your posts

there is alot of misunderstandings here, which is fine, since I havent explained in details what are my projects will be about. The only thing I can say for now is – I dont need people to test something on. I have tested all I needed with my old Magic Pill Sessions. that was the whole point of them, to test my abilities. Now I am interested in getting 300 people under Basic Levels of IB and work with them so they can move to the next levels. 

All of you are in a very different places. And by different places I mean – your physical/emotional/mental health and SHAPE. Your overall understanding of the reality/environment you are in. Understanding of what are you truly capable of in terms of your potential. What is possible and what is probable? etc 

IB will be part of the big network of sites so people who are in, can get a complex and integrated solutions for every part of their life. I will post proper explanations soon. 

For now I can add that:

1. People who have have completed the course and who will be able to provide a video testimonial – will be able to join IB with no Upgrade Fees and with no need to be part of first 300 limitation. You will be in a slightly different group and you will have access to more information.

That’s it for the moment. I’ll post more when I have more information. 🙂

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From today’s Metro:


I’m a little puzzled about why her father says that she isn’t “precocious”, because from the descriptions of her abilities she clearly is. Anyway, I would like to wish this little girl well.

By enrolling her in Mensa, it shows that her parents have at least acknowledged their daughter’s differences, rather than choose to ignore them and hope that their kid would just learn to be “normal”, as mine did. I hope their experts advise Heidi’s parents on how to ensure she gets the education she needs. (Yes, I said NEEDS.)

Having read through the comments on various newspapers’ websites this lunchtime, as expected, there were the usual detractors.

“We’ll see if she achieves anything when she’s older.”

“IQ doesn’t mean anything.” (Variants on this are frequently written in text message speak, and usually much ruder than my paraphrased version.)

“You’re not a genius unless you’re a Nobel Prize winner/[name of famous person].”

“I/my grandmother/my cat must be much smarter than that. LOL!” (or some joking/degrading variation thereon).

“Treat her as normal or she’ll grow up with no social skills.”

“Pushy parents must have taught her how to answer the test.”

And so on. These comments say everything about the mentality of the commenter.

Good luck, Heidi. You’re already better than they are.

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This is the latest Ruslan Mescerjakovs special:

Hello my friends. :)Its been a while since my last article. There were many reasons for that.

One of them – I outgrow Phenomenal Memory. Phenomenal Memory is an amazing skill that allows you to learn with speed and quality that is beyond what is considered to be possible in the world. However I did not stop on that. I was pushing and pushing my brain to greater and greater speeds and very soon I was learning on speed that far exceeds definition of the Phenomenal Memory. Basically I get to the point where for me to use GMS would require to slow my speed down and basically dumb myself down to the point that I can use GMS 1.0 again, which was not an option. Crutch analogy is very appropriate. I first used GMS 1.0 as a crutch to get control over my mental processes and to develop them. Then I dropped them and moved to the completely new ways of learning and understanding. 

The very crucial part of my evolution was the fact that I was pushing myself in all areas that were slowing me down. Phenomenal Memory system and training is very powerful and extremely effective but it addresses ONLY things that related directly to Phenomenal Memory. For example if you want to have Phenomenal Memory – ALL YOU NEED TO DO is just complete 60 lessons. Its simple as that. However most Students come with their own personal load of issues and baggage that slows them and bring them down in all areas of their life and Phenomenal Memory development is not an exception. 

For example procrastination. Lack of energy. Emotional traumas. Glitches in thinking. etc etc. It is very clear that kind of things GOT NOTHING TO DO with the Phenomenal Memory Training itself, but it plays a major role in the final result that Students get. 

My results were so massive because I was working equally on everything that was slowing me down. For example if procrastination was on my way of memorizing faster – I was working on resolving procrastination problem. Doing your lessons and have fun with it VS forcing yourself to do it – Big difference. 

Most of you however have no idea on how to address and remove everything that pains you and slows you down and because of that, for some of you, Development of your Personal Phenomenal Memory becomes a massive task and struggle.

This is how it should be:

1. Your learn basics of GMS and get into the basic mental shape. (24 lessons)
2. You complete the course and now you can memorize anything, including entire books. Advanced Mental Shape. (60 lessons)
3. Phenomenal Memory becomes a second nature. You memorize WITHOUT effort, WITHOUT pushing. it works like reading with no special pushing. Because of that, Quality and Speed of memorization goes to the new level.

this will not happen, when in order to memorize a page of information you need to struggle with your issues that use most of your mental energy against you. In most cases you have to use 10-20 % of the mental energy you control to fight 80% of mental energy that is controlled by your issues and is used against the task you want to do. And this is just one example. Every person is unique and different obviously but this is a good illustration.

There are many other areas that played the role in my results and overall Phenomenal Memory Training is great, but it turned out not to be enough.

This is the reason I have created the Institute Of Brilliance.

These are some of the things that I will be teaching:

1. Phenomenal Memory 3.0. Everything that slows you down will be addressed so you can finish the course. L2 – Silent, Effortless memorization and GMS 2.0. Working with information without support images. Allowing highly developed mind to work for you not against you. 
2. Conscious Reading Training. L1 – increasing reading speed up to 15 times. (instead of reading 1 book you will be reading 15). L2 – reading on the speed of slowly shifting pages.
3. Direct Understanding. Understanding and comprehending on new speeds with no limitations of what you want to understand. Does not matter how big or how small. Using this system you can choose any area and you will be able to understand it very fast and very deeply.
4. Attention and concentration. Developing Attention and Concentration that will be under your control 100% and with no pushing or forcing, so it can be utilized wherever you want with no struggle. 
5. Understanding and development of Creativity and concept of “New Ideas”. How it works, how to boost it, etc. Concepts of “Mental Big Bang”, Realization, Insight, etc
6. Understanding Thoughts and how it works. Increasing Dramatically the Speed of thought and quality of thought. We are talking about Thinking Speed that is beyond “impossible”. Ability to hold in attention many different thoughts at the same time. Controlling the speed and size, etc.
7. Understanding and developing Mental and Physical Energy.
8. Basics of Mental, Emotional, Physical Health. Addressing the opposite force that slows you down.
9. Direct Vision (will be explained later) 
10. Concept of Multidimensional Mind and Consciousness.

and other things.

the goal is to take an average person and turn him into a Genius.
When I say Genius, I mean Genius. With that kind of abilities that we will be playing with you can develop yourself to such a degree that the only word people can use to define you is – Genius. Which is of course not that hard to do, because people will think you are a Genius because you can memorize a page of random digits ;) but I am talking about more serious things and abilities than that. ;) Its about solid, tangible, “impossible” results not some party tricks. Results that make an enormous impact on who you are and your life. In order to achieve that you have to know, understand and develop basically ALL major areas of your being.

I will be posting articles much more often from now on. If you have specific things you want me to address, let me know. I have a very different perspective now on things and my approach on how Phenomenal Memory should be thought is very different. For example Before the training was based on PUSHING. Now it will be based on relaxing, which is OPPOSITE of what I have been teaching :) 

A couple of posters on the board asked questions about the above, which Ruslan answered as follows:
It will be available within 1-2 months. It might be even available next week. It depends on our progress with the new website. I am creating a new platform for it. (completely new website)Current Students will be able to upgrade their SPM membership to the IB membership. I will post the details soon. It looks like I will be able to accept only few hundred Students to the IB at first to test it. IB for public will be closed for some time until I will finish the whole thing.

Again, just Phenomenal Memory is not really enough to move to the new level of abilities. It needs to be developed to the very high level and INTEGRATED with other things and abilities. And it should be based on POWER of the Brain and its potential not on forcing and struggle. We are talking about completely new philosophy here. It is not about Phenomenal Memory. Its about becoming a truly Brilliant Individual with exceptional abilities. It goes much wider and deeper than Original Idea of the School of Phenomenal Memory. School of Phenomenal Memory will be just 1 area of the Institute of Brilliance. With massive community and vault of information and technology that works and most effective.

Quality Not Promises.
Results Not Claims.

With the Technologies I have developed over years – anything is possible and I want this to be available to all who Truly want to grow.

I have already privately thanked the forum member who copypasted this into an email for me to see. I don’t have time to go into every point Ruslan is making now, but decided to post this today anyhow.

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Brennan Martin, “Mr. 60 Minutes“, has devised the “World I.Q. Challenge“, a contest designed to find the smartest person on Earth.


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