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OK. I gave in. I joined Mensa.

Someone close to me had been mentioning it for years, but I was already a member of several lesser-known societies. Well, I had nothing to lose, so I decided to try it out and see what all the fuss was about.

The main attraction for me was probably the fact that they have special interest groups (SIGs) for just about every subject under the sun, and so once my membership pack came through, I started looking for some interesting SIGs to join.

Of course, the Mind Explorers SIG was one that jumped out and caught my eye straight away. But then I noticed this one, called Phoenix, whose stated purpose was:

“Being accepted by Mensa reveals why we are called deviants and misfits and were squashed as children for being bright.  We encourage each other to ignore ageism and help each other to find that we are not alone in our experiences of repression and to gain confidence in our abilities.”

That seemed pretty spot-on to me! The only problem was, the group was suspended.

When I sought to enquire as to why, I was informed that there was no one currently running it, and the advertisement for a new volunteer had attracted no response. So I decided to do something about it: I am now the new “Phoenix SIGSec”.

Let’s see where this project goes.

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I have started to read “Party of One: The Loner’s Manifesto” by Anneli Rufus. The same day I started the book, I came across this quote, which seemed very apt:
“The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

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First, read the definition of unconditional positive regard, a term coined by psychologist Carl Rogers. What does that mean to you? Would you hope and expect that any counsellor, life coach, or similar would display this type of supportive attitude while you were in a session with them?

Now read this exchange between Ruslan and students on one of his forums:

knowledgeispower, on 21 May 2012 – 11:56 AM, said: 3. I think what convinces me most is how long he has taken to release his new products. He talked about various products/websites over the years he was in the process of creating, that never came into fruition (verdic maths, magic pill, SFG). If he’s anything like me, he’s a perfectionist, as in he doesn’t want to release anything until 1. he can do/master it himself (walk the walk) 2. it is the utmost truth of that technique. But sometimes we can get bloody excited when we make a new discovery, making the mistake of talking about it too early and getting other people excited, before realising it’s not perfected yet to the utmost of it’s ability.”

Ruslan: “what is this BS? Dont talk about me like you know me or something and you know what I am doing and why! ”

knowledgeispower: “Hence why I put “If he’s anything like me”. Obviously I was wrong about this and from now on will keep my theories to myself.
Also when I said why “I understand why the Magic Pill failed”, what i was trying to say is the video showed me why it never got released back then (because you moved above it and was learning more things), not because the technique failed. Wrong choice of words by me my friend. :)

Ruslan: “what never got released back? what the fu*k are you talking about? it’s not a wrong choice of words, it’s a wrong choice of everything. again, dont talk about things you have no even slightest idea about. ”

This is the “evolved” being these people are desperate to get tuition and counselling from, folks.

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Ruslan wrote:
Ok guys. just uploaded the video. The video has basic general information about Learning, Pmemory and my evolution from that and how I did it. Here is the link – http://youtu.be/ZFsRttzW6fAI have decided not to put info about Light Academy and other projects into the video simply because it has evolved into a little different direction and what I said in the video about LA and other projects is not really accurate anymore. I dont want to create more confusion than I have created already ;) It is better to explain it from the beginning to the end instead of throwing bits and pieces at you.

Thank you all those who joined and decided to be part of the first Testing Group and thank you for your trust. I am really excited to play with you and to see how fast and how far you will be able to evolve.

I will post the second level of the Description and Explanations soon. I am not just creating a product or even an Academy or School. I am creating a platform and technologies to transform the Earth, and Light Academy or Institute of Brilliance are just little projects inside of that big World Project. Thats why it takes me a little while to get this all together. The amount of material and goals of this are massive, we are not talking about some Self Help or Self Development anymore, we are talking about rapid Evolution. 

I can take any of you and create so much growth that you will go insane. We are talking about speeds and magnitudes of that kind of level. So any kind of comparison to some ebooks, DVDs, courses that you have ever seen before are irrelevant. My challenge right now is to create a way not just help a person 1 on 1. But to help all of you who want to evolve. Since everyone of you is unique and different with its own sets of values and challenges you can imagine that its not that simple. So it takes me a little time to finalize my creation into the right, usable form. Thats where I am at right now.

Another thing is that I again want to make clear that you are not getting all this for 79 USD. I am not selling anything. I invite people who want to be part of this and I set up a little barrier so I get people I need. So if you think that just because you paid 79$ you have right to demand something from me – you are wrong and you missed the point. I will unroll my creation on the speeds and in a way that I see fit and I am not in rush. In fact I do this stuff part time when I have desire to do that and when I am not involved in something else. So be patient and I guarantee you wont regret your decision to be part of this. You will not need any kind of products or materials from anyone else. Everything you will ever need will be thought in my projects in one way or another.

The first group is more like a union of friends who got together and who want to evolve, not some Service/Customer relationship.

Have fun watching the video and let me know what you think ;) 

The first parts are coming out within few weeks. (At least thats how it looks now)There needs to be massive amount of education done so you can even start to understand what this is all about. Thats why I said I will be posting next level of description and how it works soon.

The problem here is not that Information or materials are not ready. The problem is that with your current shape and understanding it is pointless to even talk about it. 

Example. I have described a concept I will be teaching in the Institute of Brilliance called “Mental Big Bag”. I have described in the last video in basic terms how it works. (I used that to create a Magic Pill). Do you have shape, energetic resources, health, etc even close to do something like that? You know pretty much how to do it now. It doesnt matter how detailed my explanation will be on how you can do it. There is a shape that needs to be there. Otherwise its like learning information on how to do Back flips while you are obese and cannot do 1 pushup. 

I actually start my projects so you can evolve and get real results I am talking about. Impossible results. But dont get delusional that you can just jump from being obese into being in perfect shape of the professional gymnast. My concern now is how to land all my abilities and knowledge into form and process that will lead you to get results that I got. Thats what I am working on right now, and its basically last stages before I will Launch it all.

And shape is just one aspect of this. In order to be able to do Mental Big Bang there is a lot that you need to learn. For example, what is Attention, how it works, how it can be controlled on deep level. What is mental space, what it is a Thought, etc, etc, etc. Results I am talking about are “Imposable” and unbelievable, yet I can do it and I can explain it, teach it and train you to do it. This is just 1 example (Mental Big Bang). In my Academy/Institute you will basically have to learn everything from scratch about everything. 

Do you see the magnitude of what I am talking about? Are you sure You want to be a Genius? Because we are doing this. (me and people in the Test Group) 

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I recently wrote to a research scientist explaining my position, and how I had come to be attempting to undertake a science research project without support or funding. I guess I was rather upset, as our truck was stolen on Friday and the cost of replacing it is going to wipe out everything I had saved for a vital piece of equipment for the research. I described exactly where I am currently placed as a scientist – no formal education, no support team to help with the project, little chance of raising the magnitude of funding necessary to do the project justice, and no platform from which to have a voice. I politely pointed out that this was not a “begging letter”, but that if he could make any useful suggestions, they would be deeply appreciated.

His response was along the lines of: “I think you should do what you want if you have the time and money to do it.”

That’s a very big “if”. I thought I had clearly explained in my message that I do not.

Still, the work needs to be done, and there are large aspects to it where I believe only I have the requisite cross-disciplinary knowledge. I have spoken to people who are expert in one field or the other, but have zero knowledge or even conception of anything beyond their particular specialization.

The knowledge gathered from scientific work is for humanity. It’s not all about me. I felt that this reply seemed to frame it as if it were (i.e. “do what you want”, rather than “What an intriguing research proposal, and even though I may not be able to offer advice at this stage, I wish you well and hope this project sees the success it deserves”).

Professor Bruce G. Charlton makes a strong case regarding the sorry state of modern science. An important point I took from his essay “The Story of Real Science” is why there are no geniuses in modern science. It would seem that nowadays people working in science are, just like employees in the world of industry, expected to “fit in”, “be a team player” etc. Never mind that the key people who really moved science forward throughout the ages probably wouldn’t have met those requirements. In fact, nowadays they would probably be ostracized.

Perhaps therefore you can see why I felt this response was a bit rich coming from a person who writes a blog called “Finding the next Einstein”. What this research scientist/blogger doesn’t seem to understand is that if he truly wanted to play king-maker and empower possible “Einsteinian candidates”, he would be unlikely to find those people within the “official” scientific establishment.

That person, if indeed there is one somewhere in the world today, would almost certainly be the kind of person whose face never fit at school: too creative, too smart, too cross-disciplinarian, too autonomous, too big-picture thinking, too stubbornly principled.

It is an interesting exercise sometimes just writing to these people to see what sort of a response comes back. It is clear from this individual’s reply that his blog title is merely an eye-catcher, and not actually a statement of intent.

The notion has been relentlessly shoved down our throats that self-education doesn’t count, that it isn’t possible to master multiple disciplines (you’re either a specialist or a jack-of-all trades), and that the public citizen experimenting at home is merely “unqualified” and therefore not deserving of grant money, let alone opportunities to publish in “serious” journals.

Therefore, if you’re not already a fully paid up member of the scientific establishment, you’re probably just a crank, right?

The “next Einstein” in all likelihood will similarly get turned away at the door.

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Latest offerings from Ruslan (copy-pasted without editing):

I will post good Explanations about my new line of projects (Institute of Brilliance, Light Academy, Magic Pill and Golden Light Academy) and what the upgrade will be about that I will be offering this week.
You dont need to complete the pmemory course to be able to join these projects when they are out or to get yourself an upgrade to the IB now. Phenomenal Memory Training will be just a little Department inside of the IB soon, thats where everything is going with this transition. First 300 will be able to get access to the new stuff first hand. 
Ruslan M
School of Phenomenal Memory
Phenomenal Memory is not a GIFT. It is a SKILL!
Welcome to the next level of the Human Evolution :)Light Academy 
(10$ monthly membership fee)

Magic Pill – Self Transformation. Session. (Bids.)
Magic Pill – Self Transformation. Program/Course (Learn and do it yourself on yourself) (279$ entree fee, + 15$ per month)
Magic Pill Show (Open, Public Session with 6 lucky members) (Free)
MP Instructors Training Program (Entree Fee, for those who had a session)

Magic Pill -Life Transformation (free program, for members)

Magic Pill – Life Transformation, Effortless Manifestation and Acceleration (Session. Bids)

Instant Enlightenment. (Session. Bids) (Will choose 3 people from the “300” group for the Video testimonials)
Instant Enlightenment. Program/Course. (?$ entree fee, + ?$ per month)

Ascension Training. (More about that – Inside the Light Academy)

And much more. 
Light Academy is the Core and foundation of my creation.



Importance of Being Self and being Empowered.

If you are disconnected from your power source, you can forget about Brilliance. Simple as that. Not in terms of actual practical ability, not in terms of learning something Incredible and Truly Powerful. How fast can you learn something right now? But with my technologies it’s like trying to learn how TV works and whats inside with no ability to plug it in and watch it, because there is no electricity in the outlet.
Session or Self Magic Pill Program will take care of that.
(I will be making available a lot of information about all this. It’s all coming up and it’s all amazing!) :)

Pre-Order Option:

Membership in the Light Academy. (Free for life)
Full Access to the MPST Course and MP Show.
Membership in the Institute of Brilliance (Free)
Access to all products and programs in the IB. (free) (List of programs and products will be available when I open it)

All this for just 79$ entree fee, + 10$ per month (monthly fee will start in about 2 months and you will need to sign up for it)

the 79$ fee is very symbolic. That kind of deal will never be available to the public and I offer it because I need some people to test my stuff on (basically I need some real life challenges and ability to test my solutions to them through my mechanisms and products). Also I need someone who is committed to their own personal growth. I deeply respect the fact that you are here Doing Pmemory. (I basically started my growth with Pmemory)

This is a Once in a Life Time opportunity.

To join Click here – http://pmemory.com/pform.php

After you join, your email will be saved and I will send you your access information when Light Academy will be Open. (few weeks is my estimation)

Magic Pill Self Transformation
Magic Pill Video Testimonials – http://www.magicpill…/successstories

The idea of Magic Pill is simple. Here is the current situation that applies almost to everyone. There is a separation between Real You (Who is powerful, strong, enthusiastic, happy, etc) and alternate you that is basically accumulation of traumas, thinking bugs, dramas, misunderstandings, glitches, negative emotions, etc, etc. Because you cannot clearly distinguish where is Real You and where is Alternate You, you live your life in constant conflict with yourself, in constant arguments, judging and arguments with yourself. If we look at the situation from the Energetic perspective we can see that The resources that you have will be separated into 2 parts (at least) where 1 part will be controlled by Conscious You and another part will be controlled by Unconscious You. The resources I am talking about are fundamental things like energy of your body, emotions and mind. As you know these resources are limited and if you spend half of it against yourself (against you feeling good, being excited about life, doing things that you want, direction of your attention, processing resources/speed of your brain, etc) then it is clear that You are in trouble and we cannot talk about anything Amazing, productive and efficient. It’s just not happening. Of course if we look deeper we will see that the split is not 50/50. it’s more like 20/80 and in some cases even much worse, to the point that person dont have energy to even do basic things for himself and basically runs (correct word here is “survives”) on body reserves.

How can person who is in situation like that can learn something with ease and joy, and how he can move to the next level? He cant or with much struggle and resistance. Until this resolved you can forget about Brilliance. The life around you in this case reflect exactly how you are with yourself. It is simple, if you are depressed, unmotivated, low, lost and powerless then how much can you achieve in Life and how much can you manifest for yourself? But if you are empowered and you dont work against yourself then you begin to live, create and manifest in Fun, Effortless, Joyful, creative way when everything just flows and it is not about struggle anymore, it is about adventure and exploration and evolution.

What Magic Pill does is removed all the crap and reconnects you to real you and then Empowers you through Real you, so now not only you have access to all your resources and nothing is used against you but you are also Empowered by the Unlimited Universal Energy. It’s like a Source of Unlimited Energy and power, creativity, etc. It’s basically connection to the Source of your existence.

Another thing that Magic Pill Does is give you absolute clarity about your life and your reality. In the scenario when you are disconnected, your idea and vision of the world and how things are – ARE VERY delusional and have little to do with the reality itself. It’s basically a mess. It includes relationships, finances, life purposes, how world works, how people work, how everything work. So when you go into the world with such a mess in your head and try to achieve something or get anywhere no wonder you got wall after wall after wall, since what you thought is true and real is actually not true and real. In other words, what you wanted to get could be achieved and manifested in 1 day, but instead you can go for years around it with struggling, procrastinating, hitting wall after wall and wonder why things never can go your way. Magic Pill not only neutralize and clears everything in this area but also give you a clear vision for your future, so you move from the reality when you are lost, powerless and unnoticeable (from the World Perspective). From reality where your true dreams and plans are basically impossible to achieve to the reality where you are free, self sufficient, complete, empowered, have clarity about what you want, how things work around you, how to get what you want, etc – so therefor Now your true dream is not only possible but it is real and only your action is needed to get it (go there and take it). And the truth is YOU WANT to be able to get that dream yourself, not just get it as a present. You want to achieve it yourself, and now after Magic Pill it is Fun and exciting to play and act towards it.

Magic Pill works instantly and effortlessly. I can do this for a person with a personal session, where we can have some private time to talk about his personal situation. What I want to do with this testing group, I want to be able to do the same kind of level of Transformation without actual session but with the Educational Materials and Products where I teach people how things are so they can do it themselves. 

Magic Pill is an Enlightenment of the first level. Achieving a place where you are at peace with yourself, nothings bothers you and you are connected to the Universal Source of energy that empowers you and your qualities and talents – usually cannot be achieved even if you spend your whole life doing self help. And most people dont even bother, it’s so ridiculously impossible to them that people just accepted that struggle is just part of life and pain will be with you till you die. And this is just a basic Level of Magic Pill. Then you can not only get energy from it, information, new ideas, drive, creativity, etc but also a friend, who will be supporting you and advising you. You as your best friend who loves you, cares about you and helps you. More about that – Inside the Light Academy.

I am Skeptical. It’s too good to be true and Impossible.

I am not going to limit myself and my projects and fit myself into your little box so you feel comfortable about your own abilities and knowledge. Educate yourself or Stay skeptical. Makes no difference to me.

Whats the difference between Magic Pill and Instant Enlightenment?

Magic Pill is limited by your list (what you want to be removed and what you want to be added) and the goal is to reconnect with True Self.

Enlightenment is going not just beyond your list, but beyond your imagination. And overall it’s a completely different thing and got little to do with the Magic Pill or Magic Pill result. More about that – Inside the Light Academy.

Answers to other questions:

Light Academy got nothing to do with the SPM. You dont have to finish the course and it doesn’t matter on what lesson you are.
Graduated Students who have provided Video Testimonials – dont have to pay. They are in.
Everyone who joined under “upgrade 300” group – are transferred under this offer.


Ruslan M
School of Phenomenal Memory
Phenomenal Memory is not a GIFT. It is a SKILL!
Ruslan is also holding a conference in Oovoo:
how about getting together in oovoo. 1 pm hawaii time. this saturday. my username is – pmemory.make sure you have headset ready. there are no background noice and your webcam and equipment is tested. Also, get your questions ready.

I wont advertise this, so if you read this and interested in participating – Welcome

there are probably 6 slots will be available.
In order to be accepted into the conference call you will need to send me a text message via oovoo. Do not call directly to me. I will be calling you.
Ruslan M
School of Phenomenal Memory
Phenomenal Memory is not a GIFT. It is a SKILL!

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Still no details as to what exactly Ruslan’s “Institute of Brilliance” covers, but I got sent this info today regarding how Ruslan is soliciting testimonials to upgrade PMemory students’ accounts to incorporate the new course:

Choose any book you want and memorize it. (It is recommended to choose something that you are interested in, something that would improve noticeably your life. You can post your recommendations in this thread.)

You do this for yourself, so you decide how detailed memorization should be. The goal is to take the knowledge (knowledge that you need and want) from the book and install it into your head using Phenomenal Memory. It has been explained in great details how books should be memorized in the previous lessons.

After course completion.

Remember that Phenomenal Memory is Skill and it should be treated as such. It needs to be used actively. The more you rely on Phenomenal Memory and the new way of interfacing with your mind the more powerful and easy it will become, the more your mind will be able to help you in daily life. It is about being in certain Intellectual/Mental shape so you can handle any kind of tasks and loads with grace and effectiveness. It needs to become a second nature so you begin to memorize not with intentional pushing but more with effortless, automatic memorization and note taking.

The level of Phenomenal Memory after 60 lessons is just a beginning. Yes, if you take an average person who cant memorize even 10 digit number and cant stay focus for 30 seconds – your current ability will seem PHENOMENAL and impossible. (Ability to memorize any kind of random data, ability to memorize complex and enormous loads of information with specific complex structures such as books, mental shape to be able to handle that and speed of mental processes that allows to learn with extreme accuracy and efficiency, ability to create and control databases, etc, etc) – it all seems impossible but yet now you can do this and you have achieved this. 

However, there are important distinctions needs to be made. Every skill has its depth. For example you can memorize a book, but can you memorize a book faster? Can you do it with better accuracy and more effortless? Can you stay focused not 1 hour but 5? etc etc. Every students final result will be different and every one of you can go now to the next level. And the way I look at this now is – Phenomenal Memory after 60 lessons is just a beginning and just a foundation, not a peak achievement. And now new level of “impossible” is waiting for you to master.

Every Graduated student who completed the course and who will be able to provide a video Testimonials will be able to get a free upgrade to the Institute of Brilliance. 

Guidelines for the final Video testimonial:

Video should be done in a casual format, not less than 3 minutes and not longer than 9. I dont have any strict rules for you. We are doing this just for fun. :) So have fun with this but at the same time, try to keep it informative and to the point. Do not try to advertise, blindly endorse Pmemory without actual experiential argumentation. 


1. The video should be about your result, achievement and journey. Keep it light and to the point. Avoid crying on how hard it was if it was hard for you. The Course and Training is just a tool, like a dumbbell in the gym. How hard and how easy will depend on many things and mostly on your health and initial shape. Course exercises and training shows exactly and right the way without any BS where you are and what you are capable of in terms of mental abilities. So talk about that if you see it fit (where you were before you started), not just complain about the hardness of the course. ( I put this note since I see it very often that students just fall into the victim mode and complain about the course without actually realizing what is really going on. Testimonial should be based on truth and correct information.) If it was challenging – GREAT. Dont hide that, you did it and you made it. Real Phenomenal Memory is not a joke and cannot be achieved by reading a “magic Ebook”. :) Our School is about real results.

2. How was the effect on real life after Pmemory completion? What is different? Was it worth it? What could you do before the course and what can you do now?

3. At the end of the Video you should say in one form or another – “I have Phenomenal Memory and I can memorize entire books”. This should be true for you. I want testimonials to be honest. After you say that try to reflect on that achievement. Have you ever thought that you will be able to do that?

4. Try to analyze where you were before the Course and after the course completion in terms of your mental shape, ability to learn, memorize and work with information and your brain.

5. Have you tried other products related to Attention, Memory, Visualization development? Please list them and try to compare them with Pmemory in general terms.

6. Will you recommend this Training to others who honestly want to get True, Real Improvement and result?

7. Make sure the quality of the video and audio is high. I wont be able to accept weak quality videos.

Post the video somewhere on youtube and send the link to it to reveal@pmemory.com. If the video is accepted you will need to send me the original video and I will send you the info with your access information for the IB.

Additional recommendations:

1. Introduce yourself. Name, age and occupation.
2. How was your memory before and how it is now? What types of information can you now memorize?
3. How did you find us and what was your expectations before you joined? Where you skeptical about the claims? If yes then why you decided to join anyway? Are you glad you did? Where the claims on the website accurate and true?
4. What was the effect on your life? Is it noticeable to live your life and have Phenomenal Memory? What can you tell us about your current Mental/Brain shape? 
5. Try to compare Pmemory with other Mental/Brain/Attention/Memory enhancement products based on your personal experience. List the products you tried.


If you have completed 59 lessons, you dont have to wait until you complete lesson 60 to be eligible for the Free IB upgrade. Your video testimonial and 59 lessons is all you need. (temporary) 

A student then asks if there is a time limit on this, to which Ruslan replies:

I will post information about first 300 people I will accept for the new level this week. You will be able to join there without completing the course if you make it into first 300, after I announce it.

If you complete the course and provide a video testimonial then you will be upgraded free of charge and 300 limitation wont apply to you. You will be able to join right after the video posting.

Another student asks how the 300 students will be chosen. Ruslan’s reply:

I wont pick. I will just send mass email and who ever gets it first will have a spot. There will be only 300 slots available. Graduated Students with video Testimonial dont have to worry about it. They get inside.

So, all it would have taken would have been to beg, borrow or buy a camera, spout some drivel for three minutes or so, open a YouTube account, and Bob’s your uncle. If there was any workable techniques in this, I would have had fun with it. If it was another “Magic Pill”, then I and my neurosci/neurotech pals would have had a field day. No wonder Ruslan had to lock me out of my account. 😀

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