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60 days Challenge. Level 1. Personal Phenomenal Memory.

Welcome :)

It took me a little while to think this project through. It is very easy to get excited and say “Yea, lets do it” and it is equally as easy to give up after few weeks. I really like the idea that so many of you are willing and eager to be part of this and on my side I did some careful preparation for this event so all of you can finish successfully. The main problem is that not all of you have tons of time to spare. Most of you got jobs and other things to do. 3 hours a day, every day is a big commitment, so This version of the training is designed to accommodate most of the challenges that you might be facing, not just in terms of training but also in terms of incorporating Phenomenal Memory Training into your life and doing it in a most efficient way.

However, I want to point out right the way that I am not going to do Magic Pills and other new Technologies on any of you. I am trying to keep this as limited as I can in terms of new information and technologies, but good news is that – what is minimum for me is HUGE for you :) in other words the new way of doing the course and the way I will be teaching it will make the course and training at least 10 times more efficient, not to mention massive implications on your daily life because of the new stuff that I will be teaching in this Module. 

Some information will be provided on your day 1. Some will be provided during the training. It all depends on your results and level and number of challenges you will have. During these 60 days I will be very active inside the closed forum and all of you will have my full attention.

Short info about the training:

What is Pmemory 3.0?

I want to make it clear that you will be doing Pmemory 2.0 course. exactly the same course that is available right now to all students. What is different is how you will be doing it. The whole philosophy on how to build it is new and different and that will make it at least 10 times more efficient. Later the course 2.0 will be also rewritten and heavily updated so this new approach will be available to all students. If you wont be able to be part of this challenge and you have no time for this, dont worry. It will be available soon to all.

Main principles:

1. The main problems with most students is the fact that instead of using their full potential to build the skill, they have to fight with yourself (with their emotions and their own mind) to do the lessons. It is obvious that this leads to massive loss of effectiveness. It creates massive struggle, frustrations and overall very weak results. So the first thing I will be teaching is how to stop the mind and take control over it so you can apply it with full force to the training. Just this little improvement will change everything for most of you.

2. Then we will address the body and health and make sure your body have the right fuel and it is in overall good, healthy condition, so it doesnt have to struggle trying to survive. Most of you are so far from understanding what your body truly need and how to truly use the body potential to achieve the task, that it makes the truly incredible result impossible. Finally you wont need to worry if this or that will work for you. It will and you will feel the difference. In other words, if you put beer instead of gasoline into the car dont be surprised that it hardly functions. Again, I will keep this info to the minimum, but all the main parts will be covered.

3. Addressing basic emotional issues and getting rid of them so you dont have to fight through them while doing lessons.

4. Understanding and taking control of the opposite flow. (instead of fighting through something making it push you forward).

5. Understanding the 2nd speed of the brain. In short, there are 3 speeds of the brain. (More than that actually but for the purpose of this explanation I will use just 3). 

1st – Speed of relaxation. This is the speed most people are in all the time. When you watch TV, read a book, do crosswords or puzzles, etc. The thing is that brain constantly adapts to the new tasks and then just falls a sleep because there is nothing for it to do. For example when you start playing a new Memory game, at first brain is learning what is happening, figures out whats going on and how it works and then just runs a program that automatically do the task. So when person thinks he is training his memory or attention, in fact he is fooling himself. There is little or no improvement. 

2nd – Active learning. When you put truly noticeable demand on your brain it begin to operate on completely different speed. This is happening when you actually need to learn something and not just for fun but for the true result. For example new language, preparing for the Exam or doing Pmemory. The problem is that after years and years of sleeping brain and organisms as a whole trying to get back to Sleep mode so it can just sit and do nothing. I will talk more about this speed inside. 

3rd Speed will be explain in Level 2 challenge description.

6. Life Adjustment and Self Adjustment for the new way of functioning.

 Effortless Attention development.

Participation requirements:

It will take 3 hours or more daily to do this. about 2 hours per course lessons. 1 hour for additional exercises and additional time if you want to read my new materials and things I will be teaching that will be about self improvement, learning and life in general and other things that will benefit you.

You will have to provide 2 video testimonials. 1st Before the Challenge. 2nd After the Challenge. 

The Challenge will begin in July 10th. Before this day you have to send me the 1st video testimonial and it has to be accepted. After that you will have access to the closed forum and you can begin to read ad prepare for the challenge.

The Final Testimonials have to be provided before September 10th after completing lesson 59. All people who will fail to do that will be considered as failed. 

There will be official list inside the School. List of all those who Succeed and list of those who failed. If you succeed you will be able to go to the next levels Free of Charge. If you succeed with the next levels you can go to the next level free of charge, all the way through my all new projects and products. (It doesnt necessarily have to be challenges. It can be other types of courses.) 
If you fail you will be able to do the challenge again but you will not be able to be in Success List, all you can achieve is a remark and correction in the Failure list that you have succeed from the second attempt. Also there will be no free access to future materials. 

Requirements for the video testimonials:

1. The video have to be in high quality. No background noiseClear and Loud Sound. (Make sure to watch your video before sending to make sure your voice is loud and clear. Otherwise it wont be accepted.) If you have a deep voice, make sure you are not too close to the microphone so it cracks it up. Good lightening. Proper angle. (no weird camera angles). Make sure rotation of the camera is correct so your face dont end up being on the right/left/top side of the screen. No garbage in the background and no video in the darkness. Keep in mind that these videos will be on the website and I am not going to post videos that look cheap in terms of quality or no one can understand what the hell you are talking about. Also it is important that you prepare for the video, so you dont repeat yourself and so you can speak clearly. Do not rotate camera and dont move it around. Before sending your video make sure to watch it yourself to make sure it meets the requirements.

2. Please upload your video to this website – http://sendstuffnow.com or https://dropbox.com and email me the link to it from your registered student email. It should be send to – challenge1@pmemory.com with your full name and username in the subject. As a name of the file please use your full name and username.

DO NOT UPLOAD the video to other websites like youtube! I need to get a clean copy in a good quality. Do not send the video file itself directly to my email. 

3. In the video make sure to include your full name ( you dont have to use real name), age and occupation. Do not make video too short or too long. 4-5 minutes is more than enough. If you decide not to use your real name in the video Please let me know in the email. We will be using your real name for the Failure List and Success List, but these lists will be for Students Eyes Only.

4. Questions and Suggestions for the first video:

Please read this carefully. Answers to All questions and suggestions HAVE to be in your video in one way or another. You have freedom to add what ever you want to it and answer questions in any sequence: 

a. Who you are and what you do?
b. What are your current mental abilities in terms of Learning? How fast can you memorize? How much can you memorize? What type of information you can memorize? How fast can you learn and understand new materials and disciplines? How good is your attention and focus? 
c. Why do you want Phenomenal Memory? Why not use standard ways of memorizing?
d. Have you tried other Memory Improvement products? What kind and what was your result?
e. What do you think about School of Phenomenal Memory in general and what do you think about its claims – “Ability to memorize anything, including Entire Books”? Do you think its possible? Were you skeptical before joining? Why? Are you skeptical now? Why?
f. Where do you plan to use your Phenomenal Memory and how, after you complete the training?
g. How much do you think Phenomenal Memory will improve your life and in what way?
h. What do you think about the fact that in less than 2 months you will have real Phenomenal Memory?
i. Do you think you will be able to finish the challenge? How challenging do you think it will be?

(try not just read questions as they written. use your own words so testimonials dont look the same. Do not write a testimonial and read it on the camera! You can have some points written and things like that but you cannot just read the whole thing on the camera. It wont be accepted. It is about you and your journey, so make it personal and interesting. See it as an experiment. Just for fun. ) (However, this does not mean that you can just ignore the questions. It means only the fact that you can provide answers in any way you want, but answers have to be provided to all or most questions.)

In order to truly see the Transformation we need to have a video before and after.

List of accepted videos:
youtu.be/i_JhgiR8518 – The best video so far. Great, smart analysis. Interesting to watch. Thank you.

if you have experience with pmemory:

a. do not talk about techniques and do not use our terminology. Non students have no idea what that means.
b. Do not talk about challenge level 2 in the video for the Level 1! 
c. Dont get lost in non related stuff and dont talk about Inside School things that only Students know about. It wont make any sense to non students.
d. Remember that the first video should be about your abilities BEFORE pmemory of any kind. So if for example you can now memorize 80 Elements using MM you need be very clear that you got this ability after doing the course and still make sure to compare it to where you were before pmemory. Otherwise the video will be a mess.

Side notes:

I will be personally reviewing your videos and making decisions whether you are accepted or not. I will try to do my best to do it fast. So dont delay and dont bombard me with questions when I will review it and when I will answer you. I will when I will. so its better to prepare and read carefully instructions so you dont have to redo your video 10 times.

People who have completed the Course can join just for fun if video testimonials has been provided and accepted.

Let the challenge begin and the best win :) 

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