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I received the following emailed newsletter today:

Dear XXX,

As a valued subscriber to my newsletter, can ask you for you help?

The World Memory Championships is something very close to my heart and I am passionate about the Mind Sport of Memory.

A new initiative has just been launched by the World Memory Sports Council to raise much needed funds but we need to spread the message. See details below:

There are three ways that you can help.

1) Make a donation. This can be as little as £10 and you’ll get gifts in return.
2) Forward this email to your friends and Family.
3) Click the link to the page http://preview.tinyurl.com/d8hh6fh and share on Facebook, Twitter or Linked in.


I am sorry for contacting you with essentially a begging letter. I promise not to hound you on this and won’t resent this message. I will be in touch nearer Christmas with my customary Mind Map Christmas ‘card’.

Thank you for reading this and for your support.

Best Wishes

Phil Chambers


Dear Friend of Memory Sports,

Hi, we trust all is well and that 2012 has been an outstanding year for you.  We’re emailing you today as a friend of the Sport of Memory, through either your involvement with a World or National Memory Championship or possibly both.

As you almost certainly know the 2012 World Memory Championships (WMC) is celebrating its 21st Birthday – that’s right, it’s been twenty-one years since we started this amazing competition which has now been held in numerous countries. For our 21st Birthday we’ve brought the WMC back to its birthplace, London, and for most of the last year the team on the World Memory Sports Council (WMSC) has been working hard to make
this the best event yet.

Which brings us to why we’re writing to you.  Because this is such an auspicious year, we want to get as many people involved as we could, and with the tough financial times the world is experiencing we are also finding ourselves without major financial sponsors this year.  So to ensure the great work of the WMSC continues, and the 2012 WMC is the best ever, we are trying a new funding approach called Crowdfunding, which you may have heard about.

This is an approach where lots of people can contribute a small amount to help fund great events and projects – such as the WMC and the ongoing work of the WMSC.  As you will appreciate the council and the WMC are not for profit endeavours that rely heavily on volunteers and sponsors, so we’re hoping you’ll want to help us out – AND ask your friends, family and colleagues and even your organisation to support this as well.

For as little as £10 you can get started, and there are larger contributions available as well.  And one of the tenets of Crowdfunding is that you don’t
just contribute without getting a Reward in return.  This can range from receiving our daily memory tips for a £10 contribution, through receiving
eBooks and signed physical books for larger contributions, right up to naming rights to WMC events.  

In other words when you help support the ongoing work of the WMSC and the 2012 WMC you get some great stuff in return.  But of course the
greatest reward is the satisfaction of knowing you are helping the great sport of memory, which you have been a real part of.

So please go now to our Crowdfunding campaign page and have a look, make a contribution, and then tell all your family, friends, and colleagues
to have a look as well.  And if you are able maybe talk to your organisation to see if they’d like to have naming rights to an WMC event – this year we
expect to get massive media attention.

Here’s the link.


Thanks in advance for your fabulous support.

Tony Buzan and Raymond Keene
on behalf of the World Memory Sports Council

Learning Technologies Ltd

The Forge, New Invention
Bucknell, Shropshire

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