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It is recommended that after the liver cleanse has been completed, the kidney cleanse is performed. Do not try and do both cleanses simultaneously – the cleansing reactions will be too strong!

It consists of the following herbs and preparations:

  • Dried Pellitory of the Wall (1 cup)
  • Dried Uva Ursi (1 cup)
  • Hydrangea Root (1 cup)
  • Dried or fresh Gravel Root (1 cup)
  • Dried or fresh Marshmallow Root (1 cup)
  • Juniper Berries (1 tablespoon)
  • Golden Rod Tincture (15-30 ml)

I managed to find the herbs already dried and mixed available and you shouldn’t have a problem finding these online.

The procedure is as follows:

  • Soak three level tablespoons of the herbs in a pint of water overnight, and in the morning boil and simmer the mixture for 10 minutes.
  • Add 10 drops of golden rod tincture to each cup of the mixture.
  • Drink one cup of mixture in the morning and again at night. The mixture can be taken hot or cold, and it doesn’t taste unpleasant.
  • Add 1 level tablespoon of fresh herbs to the pot of used herbs the next day and follow the same procedure as above. Discard the used herbs after two days and start again.

The cleanse can be made more effective by taking a small bunch of fresh parsley in ¾ cup of water boiled for three minutes, taken each day. The cleanse can also be made more effective by taking a capsule of ginger root powder before each meal. Dried ginger stirred into water also works just as well. It is recommended to follow a light Ayurvedic diet while doing the cleanse. You should obviously drink plenty of water.

The entire cleanse will usually take about three weeks, or up to six weeks for severe conditions. Usually the crystals just dissolve and are eliminated without any pain or discomfort.

The cleanse can be repeated twice a year.

I did not notice anything unusual happening on the cleanse, so obviously any stuff that got flushed out was too small to see.

What happened to my partner, however, was a whole other story.

My partner had had ultrasound treatment as a young man to treat a 2cm kidney stone, but the hospital had neglected to perform a follow-up scan to check that the stone had been broken up and eliminated. When he did the cleanse, the stone moved from where it had been lodged in the central waste duct of the kidney and started to move down the tube. This was obviously extremely painful! Unfortunately, the stone had moved too far down for it to be accessible with the ultrasound waves and surgery was the only option.

I should probably therefore include the following point of caution: if you have had problems with kidney stones in the past, or suspect that you may still be having trouble with stones, please see a doctor rather than attempting the cleanse without medical advice.

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It’s been a little difficult to find time to devote to composing any new articles recently due to various things at work, and the fact that I am pushing harder than ever to escape the corporate rat race and get into a meaningful career where I can actually help people. Anyway, before I write too much about what I’ve been doing on that front, I decided that while on the general theme of posts about health and diet, I would share another detoxing technique which my partner and I have tried.

This cleanse gets rid of a ton of rubbish from the liver, gall bladder and bile ducts, and you would have to actually see the detritus that gets eliminated to believe it.

The preparatory step is to drink  apple juice for two weeks straight, in addition to your normal water intake. This step is to soften the stones so that they can be eliminated without pain and without blocking the bile ducts. I find bulk produced apple juice in cartons far too sweet for my taste, so rather than pay £2.50 a bottle for Bramley (cooking apple) juice, I watered down the apple juice so that it was 50% juice and 50% water.

The sheet I was given with the procedure also recommended that you take 17½% food grade hydrogen peroxide in half a cup of water with each meal on the first day, two drops on the second and so on up to 10 drops on the 10th day. I couldn’t source the food grade hydrogen peroxide anywhere, only the type used for cleaning, which has phosphoric acid and other nasties added to it that you couldn’t take internally. However, the instructions said you could still do the cleanse without.

There was a bunch of stuff to do with biorhythms and lunar phases which I chose to ignore.

It is a really good idea to start doing the final steps of the cleanse on a Friday night when you don’t have to work the next day, because you will need to be conveniently near the bathroom once things are on the move! You can have a light breakfast and lunch, but do not eat anything else after 2pm. Drink only water after this time of day.

At 6pm, pour 3 cups of water into a jug and mix in 4 tablespoons of Epsom salts. This should make approximately 4 servings of about ¾ of a cup (185 ml) each. Drink one serving straight away. It will taste disgusting, so have extra water handy to wash away the taste.

Take the second serving at 8pm.

At 9.30pm, if nothing has moved through by now, do a small water enema. We have created our own apparatus for doing this – you unscrew the shower head and attach a long thin plastic tube with electrical insulation tape. The mixer taps can then be adjusted to the right temperature to produce a steady stream of water to repeat the procedure as many times as you wish.

At 9.45pm, squeeze 1 larger or 2 small pink grapefruits to produce approx. ¾ cup of juice in a container with a secure lid. Add ½ cup of olive oil, 10 drops of food grade hydrogen peroxide (if available) and 10 drops of black walnut tincture (available from health food shops). Place the lid on the container and shake the mixture vigorously.

At 10pm, drink the mixture all in one go and retire immediately. Keep perfectly still for at least 20 minutes, if you haven’t fallen asleep by this time.

When I did this I woke up at 4am and puked. I think enough of the mixture had still been absorbed though to do the cleanse. I’ve been told it’s not uncommon to feel nauseous in the early morning.

When you wake in the morning (not before 6am) drink the third portion of Epsom salts. Drink the final one two hours later.

A couple of hours after that you can drink more apple juice or other fruit juice, followed half an hour later by one or two pieces of fruit. I found that while doing this I wasn’t that hungry, but if you do want to eat something else have a light meal about an hour after that.

During this time there will be a lot of stuff eliminated. There will be green, tan and white stones ranging in size from tiny grains to half an inch or more. Most of these will be soft and puttylike due to the effect of the apple juice.

It is ideal to do a further enema or have colon hydrotherapy afterwards to clear out any stones that might have lodged in the intestines.

For one week after the cleanse it is suggested that you chew and eat 2-3 cloves after each meal to kill any parasite eggs that might leave the liver and move down into the intestines, and also take 10 drops of black walnut tincture in water before meals.

After this procedure has been completed, other stones residing at the rear of the liver will start to travel forward, and so it is recommended that the cleanse be done several times. With each cleanse, liver function will improve until it reaches peak health. You can do the procedure approx. every six months.

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