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The final detox

This article describes the last, but by no means least, detox program that my partner and I tried (at different times and places, and before we knew each other).

This program has been claimed as the property of, and is delivered mainly by, one particular organization under a proprietary name which, like everything else that organization’s legal department touches, is heavily trademarked, copyrighted and – who knows – they probably think they already have the book, movie and TV rights to the Second Coming. So I will refer to this program as the “Full Body Detox”.

The full body detox consists of sweating out toxins, impurities and drug residues that may have lodged themselves in the body tissues. These residues are “loosened” by taking measured quantities of niacin (Vitamin B3) and then taking about half an hour’s exercise, usually running, to get the circulation moving. The person then sits in the sauna, obviously making sure that plenty of fluids and tissue salts are taken, to sweat out the dislodged material. Other vitamins and minerals are also taken in balanced quantities, as well as other supplements, and a proper diet must be eaten during the program, with plenty of vegetables.

As with some of the detoxes I have described in previous posts, I found very little happened for me on this program, whereas my partner experienced a great deal of change. This could have been down to the fact that there could have been some variation in how the program was delivered to each of us, or the fact that we had very different lifestyles and/or medical histories, or some combination of factors.

Having compared notes on our respective experiences of this detox, it would seem that it is very easy for it to be misprogrammed. Particularly within the organization where I did the full body detox, it tended to be taken as read that every person would do this program at some stage, utterly regardless of their previous lifestyle.

As for myself, I had never taken anything stronger than prescription antibiotics, never drank alcohol, never smoked, and never been exposed to industrial chemicals or poisons. I wasn’t the sort of person to cover my skin or hair in “products”, go and roast in the mid-day sun or subject my skin to sunbed UV tubes, or bathe myself in perfumes and other revolting manufactured stink. I rarely ate junk food because I simply don’t have a sweet tooth. I was one of the cleanest-living people around.

On the full body detox, people would typically take “before and after” pencil-and-paper style personality tests. Case programmers would then use this information to pick from one of the following: (1) plotted traits show a low graph and the person has a heavy drug history; (2) medium graph and medium drug history; or (3) high graph and light to no drug history.

Surely I am not the only person to spot the problem with this?

Some of my personality traits were very low (and I now suspect this to be because of Asperger’s and not because I’ve got “issues” or had a body full of toxic muck). Despite my lack of indulgences in substances, not even alcohol, I was ordered onto the full body detox program on account of the overall shape of my personality test graph.

As a result of this dubious decision, my partner and I firmly believe that case programming data has been removed, or is for whatever reason not in use, in that particular organization.

Furthermore, we cannot prove it, but we believe it is possible that the program has been altered from the original, possibly substantially, by an unauthorized person or persons.

There is anecdotal evidence that people with very heavy drug histories or toxic exposure may still benefit, as it does “clean out the system”, and I have seen students who had likely pickled their brains in alcohol or other drugs and who couldn’t study at all until they completed the program.

For most people, however, I am not making any recommendations until detailed medical research is conducted into the program’s effectiveness, and overall effects upon the body chemistry.

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