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Queuing for lunch in the company canteen, I overheard the woman in front of me telling the cashier, “You know, you should tell Chef to make halal chicken,” with which she rejected a mouthwatering looking barbecue chicken dish to take a bland salad.

I have to take the salad most days, but not because of being picky and choosy. I have to forego the hot dishes most days because they have wheat flour. Or cow’s milk. Or one of any number of other things to which I have an intense sensitivity and the doctor has told me to avoid.

I also live with a diabetic who has to avoid certain things, else they will make him ill.

The point of this is not to upset religious people, or vegetarians, or people on a (non-medical related) slimming diet. If it makes you feel any better, I used to be vegetarian myself. The thing is, I had to revise my eating habits at a time when I was really not doing well at all physically, and the doctor did a bunch of allergy tests and put me on a strict exclusion diet. I was from that point on such a limited diet (which continues to this day), that the vegetarianism, or any other fussy, non-health related faddishness I had been indulging had to GO.

In the case of a catastrophe, when food is in short supply, I wonder how quickly all these pick-n-choose diets will go out of the window. Self-proclaimed morals and religious beliefs and all.

My partner and I both had to make significant life changes after visiting our respective doctors. So when there is something on the menu that I can physically eat without being ill, I will accept it, halal or not, kosher or not, vegetarian/vegan or not, low fat or not, or whatever!  People whose health permits them to impose these self-chosen restrictions just do not understand how lucky they are.

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First of all, I want to thank everyone who has pointed me in the direction of information about Magic Pill, and especially the revealing information written by various clients in their blogs and video testimonies.

I may not have sufficient information to reproduce the exact technique Ruslan is using purely based on what I have heard and read. However, I can say the following: Whatever it is that Ruslan is doing that is making clients feel so good on the day, the effect is not permanent. It would seem that clients are being given some sort of follow-up exercises to do if they want the effect to continue.

Any technique purported to make such huge changes in a person’s life, especially one for which top dollar is being charged, should not need this additional “homework” to be done. If Ruslan is claiming to REMOVE a client’s issues, then the issues should be GONE. As in: no longer there, deleted, non-extant!

I’m going to explain a couple of concepts and terms now which come from a type of traumatic incident reduction technique.  Underlying every unwanted problem, situation, emotion, difficulty etc. lies a false computation in the person’s thinking that was laid in usually by a specific event or chain of related events, where the person suffered pain and a lessening of awareness. When events occur that sufficiently match the circumstances of the original incident, the incident can become “activated”. Once activated, there is sufficient harmful emotional charge wrapped up in that incident to change the person’s outlook and behaviour forever. The person wouldn’t know why he behaves like this.

It is possible, through certain self-help techniques, or even moments of extreme pleasure (like listening to some great music), to achieve a temporary release. The person has managed to, for the time being at least, to separate himself from the powerful emotional charge locked up in the unconscious mind. He might feel terrific! It would be entirely forgivable for him to think that the behaviour, feelings, problems etc. were gone for good. This is called a key-out or release.

The trouble is, because the underlying issue wasn’t removed in its entirety, this key-out can sooner or later key back in again. The only way to ensure a permanent removal of the problem is for the therapist to work with the client to locate the actual underlying original incident. The therapist directs the client’s attention to that incident in a specific, controlled way. Using this technique, the client examines it until all the data regarding what happened is thoroughly inspected. At this point, there will be a feeling of great relief, a realisation about self and the incident being viewed may be difficult to reinspect because it has dropped out. When this point has been reached, all the painful, negative emotional charge locked up in the incident will be gone. This is called an erasure.

Unless an erasure is achieved, rather than just a temporary release, there is always going to be the possibility of the person’s unwanted condition returning. I suspect that Ruslan’s prescribed “homework” is some method of keeping the issue at bay through some keying-out technique, rather than solving it terminatedly. That would explain why, when his clients neglect to do their follow-up after their MP session, the unwanted condition eventually returns.

Ruslan understands enough about how to achieve a release state to be able to achieve a temporary reprieve for the client, but even for a memory expert he doesn’t understand enough about the make-up of the mind to understand the difference between a release and an erasure.

I have delivered and received hundreds and hundreds of hours of this procedure, and I can tell you it works a treat. Once the issue is gone, it’s gone. There may still be educational steps that need to be taken – the person who was previously terrified of getting into a car will of course now need to learn how to drive. But in terms of “keeping the problem from coming back”, and having to do regular exercises to that end, is utterly unnecessary.

Anyone can learn Traumatic Incident Reduction or Dianetics, it doesn’t even take a fantastic amount of skill to get successful results. You can find second-hand books or videos on how to do it, or find free content online. You don’t have to believe in anything or join any group, if you don’t want to. It is sad that there are people out there who are keeping their techniques under wraps and charging so much money, when effective methods are out there and can be learned inexpensively or for free.

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